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Andrew Webber


Kristy Webber

Digital Marketing Manager

Gemma Wallis

Graphic Designer

Our story…

I originally started a company called “SEO Maverick” in 2011, on my own, offering local SEO services and some website design for a handful of clients.

I was one of the 1st SEO consultants in Australia that could actually rank a website, and have been doing this consistently, year-on-year, since the business was started (and we’re still kicking ass!).

But something funny happened…

As we grew and began to understand our clients better and better, and discover the needs of businesses in today’s digital landscape, we found a MAJOR challenge facing our clients.

Even though we were getting next-level results in the SEO and Adwords space, the game was changing….and FAST.

Google updates its algorithm several times A DAY…and the rest of the digital space moves at LIGHT SPEED with Facebook enhancing its advertising platform, the invention of Instagram and Snapchat and other incredible platforms that attract (and keep) people’s attention.

Well, we sat down with our clients, discussed with our partners and mentors, and even examined other local businesses, and we found the answer…


The PROBLEM that ALL these businesses faced was that they just don’t have enough TIME or the KNOWLEDGE to manage their marketing campaigns themselves, and no central person (or business) to help build AND implement a long-term integrated marketing strategy.

And we found the solution…

These businesses needed their own MARKETING DEPARTMENT.

Businesses don’t need a collection of independent consultants or contractors…they need 1 company that could handle ALL of it for them. One company that can UNDERSTAND their business and work WITH them to achieve their goals.

Businesses like yours DON’T need a creative agency to make expensive TV or radio ads that don’t generate any new business for them.

You need a company that can identify where your customers are, create ads to target them, convert them into leads and then into SALES.

You need a company that generates RESULTS.

And that’s EXACTLY what we’ve created.

…and we’ve called it ‘THE MARKETING DEPARTMENT’.

Our mission is to provide the complete range of digital marketing and content production services to small to medium sized businesses who don’t have (and don’t really need!) their own in-house marketing department.


Why Choose Us?

We are a no B.S kind of agency and we like to keep things pretty simple.

How? With our three pillars

1. We Hire

Every member of our team has a specific range of technical expertise. We hire the best so we can be the best.

2. We Solve Your Problems

We know the marketing challenges that stand in the way of your business goals and we have the solutions.

3. We Generate Results

For some clients, we increased website leads by over 350%. We can do the same for you.

Still Not Convinced?

We get great results.

We differ from other marketing agencies as we focus on actually increasing your profits and the overall health of your business – not just creating pretty collateral and branding (although we do that too!).

Our primary aim is to creating content that your customers want and need, with a heavy focus on improving your visibility in Google for keywords that your customers actually search for.

Our methodology is based on continuous improvement, and ensuring your website not only ranks well, but actually converts your website traffic into enquiries and phone calls.

We use data to back up our decisions.

Using first class analytics, heat mapping, user tracking, customer profiling and usability analysis, we look at the raw data and see what is actually happening – and then adjust our activities based on this.

We have worked with business just like yours.

We have been hands-on in dozens of businesses in different industries including business to business, not for profit, E-Commerce online stores, and many local businesses selling products and services in their local area.

We’ll Let Our Work Do The Talking

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