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We Use Analytics to Improve
Your Website’s Usability and Performance.

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Analysing Traffic & Conversions

Analysing website performance is at the heart of all online marketing campaigns.

How are people interacting with your website?

You need to be monitoring your web analytics to determine:

  • How visitors are reaching your site?
  • What are doing when they get there?
  • Are they converting into an enquiry or sign up?
  • If they aren’t converting – why not?

Without the data, you can’t answer these questions or begin to optimise your website to improve your conversion rates.

Analytics & Website Usability

We analyse your site, then modify it to make it easier for your visitors to use.

Good websites typically have some consistent elements which make them easy to use:

  • Consistent and clear navigation
  • Consistent design
  • Great imagery
  • Tailored mobile experience
  • Fast loading times
  • Minimal JavaScript

A slow website or poorly optimised mobile design kills usability.

“We’ve seen a 130% increase in traffic as a result of the on-site SEO campaign we ran with The Marketing Department.”

CHRIS WEBBER, Managing Director, Webber Insurance

Ongoing Reporting
& Automation

We set up detailed weekly and monthly reports that illustrate your website’s performance, and use this data to create ways to improve usability and increase conversions.

We use a range of data points to create our reports including:

  • Overall traffic and conversions
  • Top traffic channels
  • Social media traffic performance
  • Most popular pages
  • Conversion rates by page
  • Transactions
  • Bounce rates
  • Mobile, tablet and desktop metrics
  • Geographic and demographic data
  • And more..


Conversion rate optimisation is done by altering your website to make it easier to use. We modify your site using best practice usability techniques combined with your actual analytics data.


Even the slightest change to the image used on a page, or change to a page layout, button or colour scheme can have a dramatic impact on the number of conversions made on your site.

We continuously monitor and test your conversion funnel using data to make it as easy as possible for visitors to achieve your desired end goal for them.

“We have had a 250% increase in sales from the internet since the launch of our SEO campaign and new website.”

Michael Merlino, Senior Product Designer, Resource Furniture


Without analytics and performance tracking, how will your business know whether the content marketing strategy is working?

We keep a close eye on the progress of your content and its distribution around the web. We want to know how it’s performing in the way of website traffic, Google rankings and additional conversions.

The goal is to get you as many customers as possible!

We use a suite of analytics and measurement tools to keep track of the performance and adjust our strategy as required.

Analytics And Usability Case Studies

How is your website performing?

I will help your website improve its usability and increase your conversions.