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Your customers are on social media, so you should be too.

Social media isn’t just for interacting with existing customer, it should be at the heart of new customer acquisition as well.

We work closely with you to determine who these people are, and then develop a social media strategy to target them and generate high levels of engagement and enquiries.

Social Media Management

Social media moves fast. It’s important that you are very responsive to comments/questions and only posting quality relevant content.

We stay connected with you in order to keep our ideas fresh and ensure our social media strategy is in line with the rest of your business goals and objectives.

Responding to customer questions and comments in a timely manner is extremely important to us – that’s why we consistently monitor your profiles to ensure that the posts are performing well, and customers are being responded to.

“Our Facebook marketing campaigns have generated a number of new home buyers across all of our developments.”

ANTHONY CARROCCI, General Manager, Buildtec Group

Paid Social Advertising

Social media ads still work VERY well. With the right targeting, message and landing page, the ROI can be extremely high.

Social media advertising differs from Google Adwords.

We target the TYPES of people on these social networks who fit your customer profile, as well as re-market to your existing customers. We use demographics, interests, behaviours and customer profiling to segment our campaigns, and serve them with relevant and timely ads that solve their problems.

We employ squeeze pages and other lead generating tactics that promote your call to action, and convert passive users into qualified enquiries.

Reporting, Analytics &
Ongoing Optimisation

Patterns can begin to emerge over time with the types of content that performs best on your accounts.

We use reporting and analytics to identify which content is performing best to get the best out of your social media marketing campaign.

“The social media marketing campaigns that TMD created have generated massive cross selling and up-selling opportunities for our existing clients.”

CHRIS WEBBER, Managing Director, Webber Insurance


We keep a close eye on the results of all our paid campaigns to ensure the creative and messaging is working. If it isn’t, we make changes – immediately.

Closely monitoring and frequent reporting allows us to keep costs under control, and ensure a maximum ROI for any social media advertising campaign.

Weekly and monthly reports will highlight exactly where your investment is going, and illustrate the exact outcome for every dollar you spend!

Social Media Case Studies

Are you doing social media well?

I can help get your business set up a comprehensive social media marketing campaign that will skyrocket your traffic, enquiries and sales!

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