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80% Of Internet Traffic Will Be Video By 2019.
Your Content Strategy Must Include It.

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Videos That Increase
Engagement & Sales

Let us script, film and produce video content to market your products and services.

If they say a picture is worth a thousand words, then a quality video is worth ten thousand! Video is the future for small business marketing.

Using video content, you can demonstrate how your products work, the services you offer or even educate potential customers about your brand to build and establish trust.

We specialise in producing video content that will increase engagement on your social media channels, and also enhance the user experience on your website.

Our goal is to reveal the human side of your business.

In House Video Studio

We want to make it easy for you to make high quality videos – fast. Use our in-house studio, equipment and get your video online in record time.

We believe that video should be accessible to everyone so we decided to build our own in-house production studio. This means we can get your message out into the market quickly and cost effectively without having to compromise on quality.

“We’ve seen a 130% increase in traffic as a result of the on-site SEO campaign we ran with The Marketing Department.”

CHRIS WEBBER, Managing Director, Webber Insurance

Build Your Brand & Identity

Video is the perfect way to take your customers behind the scenes and show them who you really are.

It offers a great opportunity to get in front of the camera and share your story in a compelling and personable way.

It also allows you to broadcast on variety of channels like YouTube, an on site video hub, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Videos are also great for improving your SEO.

Build Trust With
Customer Testimonials

A customer testimonial video is one key way to build trust with both new and existing customers.

Video allows your business to demonstrate that it can successfully deliver your product or service to your customers. You are able to let potential customers know that you are the real deal – and the right choice for them.

With an in-house studio and production facility, we can produce high quality testimonial videos to feature on your website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or any other marketing channel.

“We have had a 250% increase in sales from the internet since the launch of our SEO campaign and new website.”

Michael Merlino, Senior Product Designer, Resource Furniture

Corporate Videos

Producing a corporate video is another great way to showcase who you are.

Corporate videos are a cost effective, high-end solution to add that extra layer of identity to what your business is about.

Corporate videos can be used to explain your products, services, events and can even be created to replace and liven-up in house training courses.

Video Marketing Case Studies

Does Your Business Need Video?

We can help get your business produce high quality video content that will increase your website traffic and customer engagement.

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